I care about providing the best real estate services possible to help you to the end of the transaction.

For 12 years I’ve followed market trends and have helped others sell and list homes in North Jersey.  I’ve had the opportunity to live in towns from large cities to rural towns.  And have met many professionals as well as people who simply were looking for some friendly real estate advise.

Today I’m looking for new clients who are homeowners to help provide even more creative solutions to market their homes on the internet.

Contact me and find out how I can help you too.  Not all my solutions are provided as a real estate agent.  I have solutions that can help you creatively save on commission fees while providing a win-win scenario for homeowner, home buyer and myself as a real estate consultant.

I provide a create commission structure from 3% to 5% depending on which path you would like to entertain to market the sale of your home.

For home buyers, I provide a comprehensive path to understanding home ownership and help you through the home sale transaction process.

I care about creating fulfilling relationships in the real estate environment that fosters committed services to you for your current and future real estate endeavors.

Find out how we can work together to a more successful future.