So you’ve decided to sell your home and have possibly interviewed 1, 2 or 3 agents. They have all told you the same story and now it’s time to make a decision.  How do you make the decision and have you explored all your options??

In my 11 years of real estate experience I usually ask these questions of potential home sellers and ask them to consider these points before listing with an agency:

1.  Did you know that all real estate agents list homes in the same Multiple Listing Service called the MLS.  In North Jersey, the Garden State MLS is the ​predominant home listing service.

You can view there online system at  All agents enter their home listings here and then Realtor, Zillow, Trulia and many other online websites will then grab the listing information a day or two later and list it on their websites.

2.  Marketing your home on the internet is a key component of selling your home in this day in age.  So how do you decide which agent to list with?

3.  Do you select your agent because they work with a large name brand agency?  

4.  Do you select one because of friendship and long term relationship with the agent?

5.  Do you select an agent because they  have played on your emotions and made you think you can get an offer way above market value not realizing that this may hurt your chances of selling your home quickly?  Guess who has to drop their price when the bank appraisal is received by the home buyer’s lender and then realize that they have just placed an offer on an overpriced home listing??!!!  It’s you who will then have to consider a price drop then you blame the agent for overpricing the home because they used your emotions as leverage to sell your home.

6.  Do you know the competition in your neighborhood?  The other homes you’re up against when selling your own home.

7.  Did you know that the internet has leveled the playing field in real estate listing services?  You no longer have to be locked into selling your home with a larger agency whom only option is for you to sell at 6% because of the large overhead they have to support with back-end marketing efforts of their brand (not even your home) or supporting an administrative support staff to help carry the business.

Now you have other options and here are some of the reasons you may want to consider ARC Real Estate:

1.  We reallocate how the 6% listing fee is used.  We understand that selling a home is a cooperating relationship between listing and buyer agents and brokers.  We realize that although it may be easy to list a home, a buyer’s agent has to work harder to help a buyer through the home buying process.  So we offer them a little more incentive to help bring more buyers to your home.

2.  We now offer floor plan services.  When selling your home, you have to think like a home buyer.  Home buyers these days would like to see more online information about a home.  Floor plans allow buyers to better envision the space they are deciding to visit.  Why real estate agents do not provide more home plans as part of the listing service is beyond my understanding. All floor plans will include a disclaimer that will not guarantee the accuracy of square footage.  Floor plans are provided as an additional incentive for buyers to see your home.  Square footage should be verified by the buyer or buyer’s home inspector.

3.  You can cancel your listing whenever you want.  We’ll discuss why but many larger agencies have policies in place that restrict the agent from certain actions. Canceling a listing is one of them. And although agencies may promote an easy out clause to cancel your listing, many brokers will do so only after they’ve provided additional efforts to keep your listing.  For example, a broker may persuade you to work with another agent if you feel the current agent is not servicing the sale of your home when in reality, the home may not be listed competitively in your home market.  Home sellers will often not concede that they’ve made a mistake in overpricing their home with an agent whose only motive was to list your home regardless of how bad the home price estimate, also known as the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), was made.  This is the wrong way to list a home, (unless you agree that overpricing is your decision and not the agent’s) it plays on your emotions and the actions are against our Realtor Code of Ethics.

4.  Back to the listing fee.  Most agents list home sales at 6%, some will list at 5%. Again, large agency policies limit how agents can accept a lower listing fee.  Remember, large brokerages cannot afford to accept lower fees as they have very large overhead operations to maintain. But what if you can list at 4%?  Yes, the services we offer will be scaled back but if you want to entertain a no-frills approach to selling your home to get your home on the MLS so other agents can show your home I can show you how this can work to your benefit and why I can provide listings at 4% fees compared to the brand name agencies. The home will still show also on, and (the big 3 in real estate internet home selling exposure).  Some agencies will show you all the websites a listing may appear on as well using a process called syndication. 

Ok, every agent has a sales pitch.  It’s just the reality of sales, and here’s mine…

There are many reasons to work with a boutique real estate agency like ours.  And I just gave you 4 good reasons without meeting you.  Reasons you should seriously and strongly consider.  I can provide other reasons too if you allow me an opportunity to meet with you for just 30 minutes.

Isn’t this information worth waiting for? Isn’t this information worth saving for? Don’t throw your equity away just yet until you meet with me first.  Then you can decide for yourself and be better equipped with the right information before selling your home.

Carmelo Torres
Real Estate Sales Consultant
ARC Real Estate

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