Not all agencies follow the same trends and initiatives. Some operate large offices and pass along the overhead to their customers, in many cases, to the home seller in the form of a higher commission at 6 or 7 percent.

  • At ARC, we take the basic no nonsense approach. We exercise time efficiency by providing you with nothing but the facts about home ownership.
  • Home sellers can take comfort in knowing that a commission agreement will reflect a home price that is fair and comparable to other home sales in your area.
  • It’s not the buyer you have to convince that your home is worth more then others, it’s the lender. If the home appraisal does not support a higher price, then the buyer will need to bring more money to the transaction (which hardly ever happens) or the seller will need to consider a home price reduction to make the sale.
  • As a home buyer, you need to take into account that agents are “commission pay” only self employed contractors. You need to come prepared with a mortgage lender approval letter. Know your credit worthiness, and prepare to spend some quality time with the agent.
  • If you are out and about just checking things out, visit open houses and talk to different agents. When you are serious about buying a home, contact us and we’ll provide a boutique approach to your efforts and invite you to work with a small team of professionals to get to the job done.
  • New or experienced customers, just give us the opportunity to service you so we can provide you the opportunity to help you sell or buy your home.